The World’s Most Amazing Churches

We all currently live in a world where people are becoming busier these days due to the increasing instances where they are fascinated with technology and are giving much importance. In the process of enjoying the modern technologies, most of us have forgotten that humans should live and are created not only as a physical being but also spiritual. If you want to keep the faith and spend time with the Lord, you might as well consider joining any programs offered by the different churches around the world. This article is all about discussing some of the world known churches.

The popular Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia is built at the height of hundred meters inside the well-known canyon of the Guáitara River. This holy place has become a pilgrimage location after the visit of Virgin Mary during the eighteenth century. The present structure was built in 1916 with a large bridge connecting the canyon.

One should not miss visiting the popular Borgund Stave Church while visiting Norway. Since the church was ruined due to the harsh cold weather as the church was originally built with wooden frames even though the foundation was made of stones. Presently, this church is no longer used for services and preserved as a museum by the local authorities. This church is one of the best-preserved churches in the world.

The tourists should not miss the Viscri Fortified Church located in Romania. This is a chapel turned church which has a simple interior with dark wooden walls and a narrow aisle. Being certified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site, this lovely church is located in Viscri a small town of five hundred people. Westminster Abbey located in London is yet another World Heritage Site recorded by UNESCO. Built-in 1066 this church attract many tourists from all parts of the world. As per history, the Abbey is also known to be a sort of old folks home for the dead popular white people. The church of the holy sepulcher in Jerusalem is believed to be the place of the crucifixion of Jesus. Though there is some disagreement about this history, people still visit this church that offers regular services.

People who are building churches for God always wanted them to look good. Probably, this could be one of many reasons for people to build the great churches around the world. It is likely why these places above referred are found to be beautiful and become inspiring creations. While there are many churches around the world besides a few mentioned above selecting a right one will not be an issue since most of these holy places have more or less the same goals and approach in offering people a right direction.

The best part is to choose one that is nearest to your dwelling so that you will not have issues with your attendance. This writes up will be handy for you when you visit the above-referred places for your vacation or business trip. Undoubtedly, you can have a satisfaction by visiting these lovely churches during your lifetime.


What Is The Importance Of Prayer?

In most instances, humans are fascinated with the material things that cease their understanding of the real meaning of life. Humans are created with purpose and sharing each other’s view by way of keeping the words of God would help people choose the right path. By involving with the group, you will have a way and sense of direction.

A prayer is a direct communication between an individual and God. Such communication between the Child of God and the Heavenly Father is known to be the way of seeking help and way of thanking Him for the wonderful blessings. Prayer can be done in innumerable forms. Closing the eyes and communicating with the God is the simplest form of prayer. One can define the prayer as an act of chatting with God and share either joy or sorrow and seeking His blessings.

God always wants to maintain a relationship with everything He has created human being, animals, and plants. Since human beings are gifted with the ability to communicate, a prayer has become mandatory. A sincere prayer is nothing but a chatting with God which is very similar to interacting with the loved ones and other friends.

Success without peace is known to be an empty success. One cannot get a genuine success without any moral and ethical activities. Without peace, there is no way to reach God, and there are no wrong methods to reach Him. Hence one should pray to feel closer to God. Here we should understand the fact that the real aim of our life should be to become the being we can be.

Our life on this planet offers two simple options. Either stagnate or discover the infinite possibilities of the unknown. Prayer helps us to step into the uncertainties of limitless possibilities. This is the real growth of any human being. Only by seeking the unknown uncertainties one can discover himself or herself. Prayer allows us to understand our self. And it is as simple as that.

The difference between so many ordinary people remaining stagnated and those who turn themselves into extraordinary people is their ability to extend their faith in God through prayers. They execute prayers in many forms such as hard work, love, passion, and self-belief. By giving up the known, they embrace the unknown to become extraordinary. Undoubtedly, a prayer is a key to the God’s Kingdom. It makes us understand the world better with a higher degree of maturity. A prayer can be done in minutes and long hours. Time is not the factor, but the content and the purpose of the prayer are important.

Success in life does not solely depend on what you are, but also depends on who you are. Your faith clearly defines you. If you want to be more prosperous and attain the genuine happiness, keep your faith by getting involved with religious activities. Devote yourself at least once in a week, and you will live a very fulfilling life. So, start searching for God with genuine prayer.